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Flight Sight Footage’s Aerial Drone Video and Editing

Check out Flight Sight Footage’s latest montage with a few of our more recent footage.  Our pilot Joe has loved traveling and working with his equipment that he calls “Toys”.  Aerial Drone video and photography has recently become a popular tool for real estate photography, sports photography, and beautiful aerial shots.  Check out just a few of the amazing places Flight Sight Footage has traveled to get aerial drone video.

Aerial Drone Photography | Flight Sight Footage

San Diego Aircraft Aerial Drone Photography

Flight Sight Footage took a trip to the San Diego Bay and was granted access for some awesome aerial drone photography opportunities.  The photo seen above was taken with our fish eyed lens to capture the entire perspective of the bay and the carrier.

Aerial drone videography and photography have recently been speculated as invasion of privacy tools.  Here at Flight Sight Footage we want to guarantee our equipment is only being used for photography and video purposes in terms of sports, real estate, concerts, events, and occasionally aesthetically pleasing photos.

For any job that may require our equipment, feel free to contact us!

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Real Estate Aerial Photography | Flight Sight Footage

Winery Real Estate Aerial Photography

Over the weekend we were lucky enough to be working!  Ponte Winery in Temecula hired us for a real estate aerial photography shoot of their beautiful winery. Even though our weekend was spent working, doing what we love and sipping delicious wine afterwards wasn’t the worst way to spend a saturday!   Continue reading

Grossman Burn Foundation | Aerial Photography Thousand Oaks

Grossman Burn Foundation Aerial Photography

Recently Flight Sight Footage was requested by the Grossman Burn Foundation to have us produce some aerial drone videography.  We were more then happy to offer our services to the foundation.  Once we began looking into the work the center did for their patients as a non-profit, we realized we would be honored to help such a charitable foundation.  Here’s one of our aerial photos of their hospital.

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Thousand Oaks Aerial Photography | Flight Sight Footage

The Unique Qualities of Aerial Photography in Thousand Oaks

Getting exactly the right photograph is no easy task. Whether you are working from a creative standpoint or business one, there are just some things that are difficult to do from the ground. That is why aerial photography is such an interesting and exciting concept. Aerial photography in Thousand Oaks can help you to capture exactly what you are picturing in your mind. Continue reading

Real Estate Aerial Photography | Flight Sight Footage

Optimal Listings With Real Estate Aerial Photography

Real estate aerial photography is becoming increasingly popular and is not just reserved for luxury, million dollar listings. In fact, now more than ever, realtors are utilizing this feature for many of their listings and are including properties of all sizes and prices. Drone aerial filming is quite beneficial for this business and can put a unique spin on an otherwise plain real estate listing. Continue reading

Real Estate Aerial Photography

Real Estate Aerial Filming Can Give People a Unique View of Your Property

If you are trying to sell a large property, you may be wondering how to give your potential customers the best understanding of the property’s value. You can schedule visits that include tours across the grounds and provide photographs taken from a number of different angles. However, the best way to give people the most comprehensive picture of the luscious landscape you have for sale is to employ real estate aerial filming. Video tours from the air are capable of providing a view of the property as a whole that cannot be produced any other way.

Continue reading

Golf Course Aerial Video | Flight Sight Footage

Golf Course Aerial Video Displays the Unique Beauty of Your Course

If there is any single type of property that must be viewed from the air, it is a golf course. Golf is a sport that attracts people who love to stroll around in lovely scenery, and people considering the various options that they have for playing golf are primarily interested in the unique layout of each course. If you are trying to promote your golf course, then one of the best ways to show it in all its glory is to make use of golf course aerial video. This is a great way to display the locations of fairways, greens, hazards, rough and more, as well as just plain making your course look like a fantastic place to play golf. Continue reading

Action Sports Aerial Video in Malibu | Flight Sight Footage

Consider Action Sports Aerial Video in Malibu for Surfing

Malibu, California is a paradise for beach sports such as surfing, para-sailing and volleyball. Inland lie beautiful golf courses and world-class skate parks. At ground level, spectators may only see so much of the action, but a bird’s eye view can give any sport a whole new perspective. There is no better way to capture all the excitement than by action sports aerial video in Malibu. Continue reading

Concert Aerial Filming | Flight Sight Footage

Experience the Whole Event With Concert Aerial Video

One of the best things about going to a live concert is feeling the energy on the floor with the other concert goers. People are dancing, singing along and reacting to all the happenings onstage. When trying to get a great concert on video, however, the floor is rarely the best location to film. A company that specializes in concert aerial video can capture the whole event from every angle. Instead of filming the backs of heads or a single view of the stage, an aerial production company gives you a multi-layered experience. Continue reading