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Action Sports Aerial Filming With Drones

Recent advancements in technology have enabled filmmakers to capture moments from new perspectives. Aerial drone filming has become a popular method for capturing sports competitions, buildings, and events. By hovering above the action, aerial drones oversee everything and can film distinct scenes from a unique point of view.

Action Sports 

Recently aerial drones were used to film the ski and snowboarding competitions at the 2014 Winter Olympics. Similar to cable-suspended camera systems, drones allow for more flexibility in what they can capture. Action sports aerial filming can film athletes from a wider variety of angles, making the filming more diverse and unique. One company is currently developing technology that enables drones to track a single athlete all over the field. The drones can fly overhead at over 40 miles per hour while still providing HD quality video.

Stadium Shots

The classic view from a blimp high above the stadium may soon be replaced. An aerial drone can capture the same iconic shot at a fraction of the cost.

Drones for Commercials and Movies

Rather than using helicopters, filmmakers may start trending toward using drones. Cheaper and quieter than helicopters, aerial drone filming can deliver high quality video and offer a 360 degree view. The panoramic view lets filmmakers control every shot via a handheld remote control. As opposed to filming from a traditional helicopter, drones can come within ten feet of a subject.

Drone Service 

There are numerous companies that will provide you with a drone and assist you with the filming process. By enlisting the help of a professional you will be sure to utilize a drone to its fullest potential. Whether you are shooting a movie or filming an important event, a rental service will help you achieve your goal.

The Future

Aerial drone filming is replacing outdated and excessively expensive filming techniques. The process has been becoming more available, and it will only grow in popularity. If you need to film a sporting event, movie, television show, or commercial from an overhead vantage point, renting an aerial drone may be right for you.

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