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Consider Action Sports Aerial Video in Malibu for Surfing

Malibu, California is a paradise for beach sports such as surfing, para-sailing and volleyball. Inland lie beautiful golf courses and world-class skate parks. At ground level, spectators may only see so much of the action, but a bird’s eye view can give any sport a whole new perspective. There is no better way to capture all the excitement than by action sports aerial video in Malibu.

Imagine being able to see the entire court in a volleyball match, with the stunning southern California coastline in the backdrop. Picture being close enough to see the look of intensity on a surfer’s face coming out of a curl, or seeing a skater making a 360 flip from above. Follow the ball as you fly over the rolling greens of a palm-studded golf course. Lightweight remote controlled quadcopters with high definition cameras capture video that gets you closer to the athletes, and keeps you in the view.

Action sports aerial video in Malibu is a great way to promote an upcoming or annual sporting event. It can also be a training tool for coaching, or create an unforgettable memento at the end of a great season. A professional aerial video production company can edit and add music and voiceovers for the total experience, making a once-in-a-lifetime event something you can relive again and again.

Aerial sports video allows for the action to be filmed from a few feet off the ground to several hundred feet, so the spectator can appreciate details as well as a panoramic view. Filming can occur at up to 25 miles per hour. Trained pilots monitor battery levels to make sure the cameras don’t miss any of the action.

Quality video can make you feel as though you are in the California sunshine feeling the ocean spray while watching the event unfold before you. Action sports aerial video in Malibu gives you the whole 360, and the best seat at the game.

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