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Experience the Whole Event With Concert Aerial Video

One of the best things about going to a live concert is feeling the energy on the floor with the other concert goers. People are dancing, singing along and reacting to all the happenings onstage. When trying to get a great concert on video, however, the floor is rarely the best location to film. A company that specializes in concert aerial video can capture the whole event from every angle. Instead of filming the backs of heads or a single view of the stage, an aerial production company gives you a multi-layered experience.

Aerial video, taken by cameras fitted into small remote controlled quadcopters, can fly just above the crowd to film individuals and small groups from all sides. Video can be taken from several hundred feet up as well, to give a perspective of the entire event. An outdoor concert in a beautiful setting can be filmed to include shots of the landscape around the stage or arena. With concerts aerial video, you can appreciate every aspect of the stage and performers, because you are not limited to a stationary camera. Every seat in the house is a great seat.

If you are looking to promote a venue, aerial video is a terrific tool. Professional editing can highlight all the excitement of the performance, as well as the thrill of the crowd on the floor. The quadcopters can even promote their own buzz. People having fun love to respond to the camera, and that energy looks great on film. For a band, aerial video gives the event a professional feel, and puts the performers in the spotlight.

If the event is a benefit concert, aerial video is an effective way to promote interest in a cause. It shows people coming together and having a good time while supporting an issue they care about. The great thing about concerts aerial video is that it may be played back again and again, and never lose the inspiration of the live show.

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