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Optimal Listings With Real Estate Aerial Photography

Real estate aerial photography is becoming increasingly popular and is not just reserved for luxury, million dollar listings. In fact, now more than ever, realtors are utilizing this feature for many of their listings and are including properties of all sizes and prices. Drone aerial filming is quite beneficial for this business and can put a unique spin on an otherwise plain real estate listing.

Overall, aerial photos gain more attention than their “on the ground” counterparts. In fact, listings that include photography taken from the sky will stand out among the long list of other properties. The first photo associated with a listing is the first impression a potential buyer gets of the location. It needs to “grab” their attention and nothing does that more than a spectacular aerial view.

Many perspectives can be captured from the air and these help provide a more thorough real estate listing. Characteristics of the home such as the true layout, size and shape are more accurately displayed. Features that may be left out of an ordinary photo may be visible in an aerial shot. For example, a water feature behind the home is left out of a photograph taken from the front yard, while a drone can capture all of that from the sky. This type of photography is also a great way to highlight waterfront properties, those with large acreage and even farm land. The unique view will also give buyers a full vision of the curb appeal, landscaping and even surrounding neighborhood of a home.

Drone technology is now much more affordable than ever before. This enables realty companies to offer more detailed and impressive photos with their listings. Real estate aerial photography is the most efficient way to show a property from all the various and flattering angles available.

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