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Stunning Images Equal Profits With Aerial Filming

Giving a client a bird’s-eye view of your real estate property can be a major selling point that may make all the difference in closing the sale. Today’s buyers want more. No longer are they satisfied with just exterior photos when it comes to making their next home purchase. They want virtual tours, video and details. In short, they want an experience.

Aerial filming can create that experience, giving your business an edge over the competition. Aerial filming uses drone photography and videography to capture photo and video from angles that are out of reach of traditional photography. Fly above a property and capture breathtaking video of the surrounding neighborhood, an up close view of the new roof, and a full view of the entire property.

Capture the entire shot while giving your viewer the sensation of flying overhead in a helicopter, or simply zoom in from ground level. Aerial filming benefits in real estate are numerous and can translate to real profits for your company.

Sports Filming

There is nothing like shooting a baseball game from above, delivering the experience of watching the full trajectory of the ball, the outfielder’s catch and the batter’s home plate slide. Now you can capture all of this with stunning accuracy through aerial filming.

Whether you are filming a snowboarding competition or going along for an exhilarating skydive, you can sell your company’s services to your customer by giving them the total 360-degree experience.

Hiring a helicopter to get aerial video and photo is cost prohibitive for many small businesses. However, with aerial drone filming, affordable pricing and expert service use the enhanced technology of remote control drone photography to deliver a one of a kind experience.

Taken in digital format, aerial drone photography delivers crisp, clean images in rich, vibrant color. Sell a golf course membership on your website by providing visitors with an aerial view of all 18 holes. Excellent for television, film and cinematography, aerial filming can deliver intensity and precision that is unparalleled in the industry.

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