Real Estate Aerial Photography

Any real estate agent knows that presentation can mean the difference of a sale or not.  Being able to present the home in its finest is not only important in person as well as in the media.  This can either be on paper with images, or on the web with interactive design.  Having the real estate filmed and compiled into a video can make the home easily visible on the internet.  Having real estate aerial photographers can give these your real estate listing photos perspectives that have been unreachable in the past.

At Flight Sight Footage we offer Real Estate Aerial photography in Thousand Oaks , as well as editing using the state of the art technology.  Our quadcopter’s abilities can match every drone in the market.  The HD camera is mounted on a gimbal for stability and smooth footage.  Our team consists of 2 needed operators.  The pilot, or operator 1, operates the drone.  The drone is managed by altitude, speed, and positioning.  Operator 2 controls the camera and footage being filmed.  Our technology can edit all aspects of film and take photo/film simultaneously.

When it comes to real estate aerial filming, our team looks to film not only outside the estate, but inside as well if permit-able.  Our pilots have been trained and have the steadiness to control the quadcopter in the smallest of positions.