Sports Aerial Filming

Sports Aerial Drone Photography | Flight Sight FootageSports Aerial filming is the future of how sports events are going to be filmed.  This past Winter Olympics were shot with aerial drone filming for several of the events.  When it comes to action sports like surfing, snowboarding, skiing, or any sport with constant long distance movements, keeping consistent film on the athlete is difficult.  With the use of aerial drones , the athlete can now be filmed in one shot without having to switch cameras over and over.  You also get the benefit of amazing versatile perspectives from high altitudes, to parallel shots, to trailing the athlete.

Flight Sight Footage has experience with several action sports aerial filming jobs.  Living by the coast we have filmed surfers from San Diego to Pismo.  The mountains are no stranger to us either.  We have filmed mountain hiking trails, quad trips, and several snowboarders.  Our drone helps keep a steady shot with counter-balance technology. The camera is  mounted on a gimbal and can keep a smooth aerial filming balance without shaking.  This is important when filming action sports.  As everyone knows action sports are full of action from movements left to right, up and down, and every direction in between so its important to have equipment that can keep up while still filming excellent footage.